Hi, I'm Renee

I started my career working for a big corporation – with wide eyes and a full heart, wanting to make a difference in the world. I quickly realized my long hours were only benefitting a small group of shareholders and not the world I so desperately wanted to save.

So I packed my desk and started working on marketing and fundraising strategies for small businesses and nonprofits. I loved being able to make a meaningful impact every single day in my own community and realized the power each individual can have to drive positive change.

I’ve since become an expert in helping small business owners just like you create a strong online presence with simple and effective content strategies.

Today I work with socially conscious brands because of the real, positive changes they are tirelessly working toward. But I know real change comes with real challenges. I’m here to tell you that your online presence doesn’t have to be one of them.

Sustainability & Wellness Copywriter at Cedar Creek Creative.

Let's make sure your online content is working for you so you can spend more time saving the world.

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