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Let me know the type of project, length of copy, and due date you need along with a little bit about the client.

When Should you hire
a white label writer?

When your dream project is at your finger tips, but you don't have the time to take it on.

When you're planning for the maternity leave you've always dreamed of.

When you're finally taking that long-awaited vacation.

When you have more client work than you can handle, but you don't want to lose any of them.

When you're ready to scale your business, but don't want the added pressure of dedicated employees.

When you don't have time to write your own blogs to stay relevant on Google. 

Recent Partners

As a fellow copywriter, I want to ensure my clients are getting the highest-quality work I can offer. That makes it difficult to need help—I'm picky about who I ask to step in and write for me in a pinch.

My experience with Renee was awesome! Her writing was thorough, engaging, and easy to read. She was able to capture the right tone immediately. Her blogs needed very little editing, which made my life (and subsequently my client's life) a lot easier.

Communicating with Renee was a breeze, too—she was friendly and on top of our agreed-upon timeline. I'm honestly excited for all of Renee's clients—you're in for a sigh of relief! 


– Melissa G., Em Gee Ink 

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"I'm blown away by the social captions you wrote.
I gave you some guidance on voice and the ideal client, and you took it and ran with it. You far exceeded my expectations!! I would gladly work with you again on any copy project, not just social media captions."

Sara G. - Ghostwriter

"Renee is a gift to the copywriting world.
Her ability to create engaging, long-form blog content that captures the tone of the intended audience while providing effective SEO is truly incredible. If you are looking for a copywriter who puts care into her research and delivers prompt, superb content, look no further!
Don’t wait any longer to get Renee of Cedar Creek Creative on your books!"

Ally H. - Ally Cat Creative

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How far in advance do I need to request a project?

The earlier the better of course, but depending on the project I can usually acomodate deadlines within two weeks!

Do we need to have a zoom call to go over the details?

Only if you want to! Typically I can get everything I need over email and will send over any questions if I have any. For larger projects we can hop on a call and chat!

Do you provide edits? 

I will provide one round of edits. Most of my copy partners will take my draft and make their own edits if needed, but I want to provide you with the best copy I can so I am always open to feedback and editing for you!

Can I book you for ongoing work?

Yes! Send me an email with the details and I will confirm if I can fit your projects into my schedule. Once confirmed we'll pick a start date for you to begin sending your client projects!

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